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Am I A Candidate for Invisalign? Determining If Aligner Treatment Is Right For You

September 2, 2020
Posted By: Mario Godinez DDS
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If you’re thinking about orthodontic treatment in Encinitas, you may be considering Invisalign from the office of Mario A Godinez, DDS. 


But are you a good candidate for Invisalign? In this blog, we’ll discuss the basics about good Invisalign candidates, the issues this treatment can correct, and its limitations. Let’s get started. 


Get An Invisalign Consultation To See If You’re A Good Candidate


You are likely a good candidate for Invisalign if you have a healthy mouth and you do not have extensive orthodontic problems. The best way to see if you qualify for Invisalign treatment is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mario Godinez.


During your consultation with Dr. Godinez, he can assess your oral health and the extent of your orthodontic problems, and make sure this treatment is a good option for correcting the position of your teeth and improving your smile. 


What Does Invisalign Correct? 


Invisalign is typically used to correct the following oral health issues. If you have any of these problems with your smile, clear aligner treatment with Invisalign may be right for you. 


  • Minor-to-moderate bite issues – Invisalign can typically be used to treat most minor-to-moderate bite problems including overbites, underbites, open bites, and crossbites.

  • Gaps in your smile – If you have spaces between your teeth, you can usually have Invisalign to help shift your teeth into a more even, appealing position and close the gaps between each tooth.

  • Crowded and crooked teeth – If your jaw is too small and you have crowded teeth, or you just have a few crooked teeth you’d like to correct

When Invisalign Is Not A Good Option 


There are some cases in which Invisalign may not be a good choice for your needs. Some of these include: 


  • An unhealthy mouth – If you have any oral health issues like gum disease, cavities, or infected teeth, you can’t have Invisalign. You must get the appropriate treatment to resolve these issues before undergoing orthodontic correction with Invisalign.

  • Serious orthodontic problems – If you have major bite problems or seriously crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, traditional braces may be a better choice than Invisalign. Invisalign usually can’t be used for major orthodontic problems.

  • Multiple dental implants – If you have one or two dental implants, Dr. Godinez can usually create an Invisalign treatment plan that takes this into account, and still provide you with orthodontic treatment. But if you have a lot of implants due to extensive oral health problems, you may not be a good candidate for Invisalign. 


Schedule Your Invisalign Consultation In Encinitas Today! 

If you’re interested in straightening your teeth with Invisalign in Encinitas, Dr. Mario Godinez is here to help. Contact our office online or give us a call at (760) 632-2410 to schedule an Invisalign consultation right away. After your appointment, Dr. Godinez can determine if you’re a good candidate. And if you qualify for treatment, you can begin the Invisalign treatment process right away.

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