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Are mercury fillings toxic or harmful?

Questions have arisen about the safety of amalgam metal fillings. Metal amalgam fillings are 50 percent mercury, which can release a vapor during chewing, placement, or removal of your fillings.

While there is no sufficient evidence that metal in your dental fillings is harmful to your health or body, Dr. Godinez chooses to use only composite resin to restore cavities.

Composite resin is a durable alternative to metal amalgam fillings because it bonds directly onto your tooth. It also allows us to preserve more of your natural tooth since it doesn't require Dr. Godinez to remove as much tooth structure to place it.

Metal also responds to temperature changes by expanding and contracting, which means that your metal fillings break down and pull away from your tooth over time. When this happens, it is an opening for bacteria to get back inside your tooth and cause damage or decay. For this reason, many people choose to remove their metal fillings and replace them with composite resin.

Composite resin is also tooth-colored, which makes it easy for Dr. Godinez to match the shade of your tooth, so no one will ever notice your dental filling. 

If you'd like to learn more about tooth-colored fillings in Encinitas, contact our dental office today.

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