TMJ & Bruxism

Do you suffer from frequent headaches or migraines, tenderness when biting or chewing food, jaw tension or locking, popping or clicking of your jaw joint upon opening or closing your mouth, or chronic neck and shoulder pain? Did you know that these are symptoms that are related to the functions of your jaw joint or TMJ? When you have problems with your TMJ, you may be suffering from a disorder known as TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder.

TMD can become quite painful and debilitating, which can significantly affect your quality of life, and not to mention cause wear and damage to your teeth. Dr. Godinez offers solutions for TMD in Encinitas with a proper diagnosis of your condition combined with customized oral appliances to help relieve your symptoms and discomfort.

How TMD and Bruxism Are Related

Bruxism, which is teeth grinding and clenching, is a common cause of TMD. Clenching and grinding your teeth typically happens at night while you are asleep, but it can also be the result of stress, anxiety, or frustration.

If bruxism is the cause of your TMD, Dr. Godinez can make you a custom oral appliance or night guard that you can wear while you sleep. Your oral appliance will help your muscles relax, which will alleviate the pain and tension in your jaw joint. It will also cover your teeth to protect them from the damage and wear caused by clenching and grinding.

Other causes of TMD might be:

  • Trauma to your mouth or jaw
  • Excessive tooth wear caused by bruxism
  • Arthritis
  • Tooth and bite misalignment

Reliable Solutions for TMD

When your dentist in Encinitas can pinpoint the root cause of your TMD, he can recommend the right treatment to alleviate your discomfort.

While a mouth guard might be a good solution for a patient whose TMD is caused by bruxism, orthodontic treatment to correct a misaligned bite may be the right treatment for someone else. In some cases, repairing tooth wear with dental crowns or veneers can be the right procedure to help to alleviate TMD.

We’ll work closely with you to determine a proper diagnosis for your TMD so we can customize the dental treatment that will provide you with the best outcome. Your treatment plan will also help alleviate your symptoms and discomfort and help you reclaim your dental health and your life.

Don’t Live with TMJ Pain Any Longer!

The first step to becoming pain-free is to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Mario Godinez. During a thorough examination and evaluation of your bite, your Encinitas dentist will determine the best treatment to help eliminate your discomfort.

Contact your team at Mario A. Godinez, DDS today to arrange a convenient time for your jaw evaluation.