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Dr. Godinez is committed to making every visit you have at our Encinitas dental practice exceptional. He understands that using leading-edge technology and staying updated on the latest techniques helps us do this.

Here is some of the equipment we rely on to streamline your procedures and help keep you comfortable.

Digital X-Rays

Instead of taking and developing films as we did in the past, digital x-rays are immediately available to us and easy to display on the television screens in our treatment rooms. They provide a sharp, clear image that makes it easy for Dr. Godinez to detect concerns like tooth decay or cavities as early as possible. They also emit up to 80 percent less radiation, which makes them safer for our patients.

Since we don't have to use chemicals to develop films anymore, digital x-rays are also much safer for the environment. It's also a lot easier and more efficient to share these images with any of your medical providers we may be working with.

The Intraoral Camera

What if you could see your teeth the way Dr. Godinez does? It might be easier to understand why you need that dental filling or crown.

Our intraoral camera makes it possible for you to see your teeth and mouth in full color. It's a pen-sized camera that fits inside your mouth and captures close-up images of your teeth and smile.

When you're able to see exactly what's going on with your teeth, you can better understand what treatment might be best for your smile and make educated and empowered decisions about your dental care.

Laser Dentistry

The dental laser has streamlined treatment for gum disease, cosmetic procedures, and much more. By combining light and heat, the dental laser provides a more precise focus when removing diseased tissue that avoids harming healthy tissue. It also sterilizes the treated area and accelerates the healing process. Laser dentistry is more conservative and comfortable for many procedures.

Nitrous Oxide

Patients who feel fearful or anxious about their dental appointments can relax at Mario A. Godinez, DDS. We offer nitrous oxide, an odorless gas that helps you feel at ease and comfortable during dental procedures.

You can get back to your normal routine quickly after using nitrous since it leaves your body immediately and doesn't cause any lingering side effects. It is also a safe form of sedation to use for most types of dental procedures for both adults and children.

Talk with Dr. Godinez if you feel like you might benefit from using nitrous during your next dental procedure.

Rotary Endodontics

Most of our patients are shocked to find that root canal treatment is comfortable and efficient at our Encinitas dental office. This is due mostly to the exceptional skills and gentleness of our dentist; however, it is also possible because of modern rotary endodontic tools.

Rotary hand tools are electric, which makes your procedure more efficient. Because they are made of flexible nickel-titanium, rotary hand tools give Dr. Godinez easier access to the canals inside your tooth in a more comfortable manner for you.

Televisions in Treatment Rooms

At Mario A. Godinez, DDS, there are a lot of amenities for our patients to enjoy. Televisions in each of our treatment rooms are one way we can help you take your mind off of your dental procedure.

Take this time to kick back and enjoy a favorite program or movie!

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